Friday, March 09, 2007


"They walk alone, and yet they are together--
Along the road to Nirvana, the Perfect Ones
With antique minds, pure- hearted, high-spirited,
With sunken cheekbones, despised by the common people."

A song by Hsuan-chueh living about year 713. He was apparently a monk of the School of
Shen-hui. A Buddhist school in the south of China.

An ancient ode to those just one bubble off of level; in the construction of society.

I don't know why history so engages me now. I used to believe it useless and "why are they teaching me this!". Perhaps we take example from those who are now dust.

I really should attribute this song: Taken from "The White Pony" (an anthology of chinese poetry) edited by Robert Payne. 1947
Another song I like:

"Purify the five eyes, Possess the five powers.
If once you have known truth, you know the unknown.
In a mirror the body's shape is easily discerned,
But in vain can you grasp the moon on the water."