Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Be Good

These were the issued behavior guidelines about1400 BC when Moses brought them down from Mt. Sinai to the Israelites,   according to legend.  Apparently he hadn't read them carefully  before he broke the tablets and had the sons of Levi slay  3000 of the flock for:  constructing a calf of gold for  idol worship , dancing  and partying whilst Moses (1525 BC-  1445 BC,  80 years) was up in the hills speaking with God . . .   its OK  he had another set made later.

I am surprised that murder or killing was not mentioned in the Seven Deadly Sins issued much later in time (and shown on a previous post).  Could it be that 1000 years later civilization had learned to respect life and needed no designated sin for killing or "murder"?     I doubt it!
In fact even today in our  times of enlightened minds (?) and history to guide us we still live primitive lives with borders, tribal hatreds, the need for retribution, religious' separation and "my god is better than your god" nonsense ;  we still have not learned and I suspect will not.  Although now most of the killing seems  to be sponsored by  places of military and political  power.   But be careful --  if you are  caught up in that power and singled out by that to engage in their killing and refuse, you may be shackled to a chair in the Company dayroom for 8 hours, made fun of and ridiculed,  and ordered to assemble  and sign pages of testimony and evidence , including backup paper from church ,neighbors, and friends, indicating your truthfulness and honesty.  So for I  it was kind of an "opt out" deal rather than "opt in" as exists with the government today.
I really hate to be an outlier --much easier and safer to fit within the smooth confines of the bell curve.  But I cannot abide being pushed around and I will not be told how to believe --"godless communists" notwithstanding.

What official  requirement or personal situation would convince you to kill another human being?