Friday, August 03, 2012


So how long you have been deserting this pen
To hold and write the stories that keeps you alive
The tangling words where you loved to un-puzzle
That once it was a necesssity
But now time to write seems to be a burden
Now the stories are no longer need to be written
For all what shapes in life, are the breathing stories
The jotting down are no longer narrate the facts
The sound of breath, aren't captured within lines of words
Then silence hush fails to be described with words
For a momentum of silence described in words
Is nothing but loud words evaporating essence of silence
The truth is the pen is just kept there untouched
In fear that inspiration will not rise
Also unable to give it a try for the fear of failure

This with permission and by the pen of    Nasra Al Adawi
a blogging friend who lives in Oman on the Persian Gulf

Writing about not writing . . . 
She certainly does a better job with English than I would with Arabic

Inspiration is breathing  in ~ ~~ Expression is breathing out.  A natural and necessary process.
 I am inspired by images.  Not so much for prose but to try the obtuse metaphoric language of poetry.  I can obscure direct meaning with the best of them in an attempt to expand a thought or feeling  -- allowing a deeper meaning, we hope . . .
I am not so good at the prose: the structure, the prompts for genre, word limits, and topic (1500-word Fridays, etc).  But many are really good at this as I have seen expressed by others here on the blogs.  Must be different parts of the brain involved, the obtuse ammaglia rather than the frontal contextual pocket for example . . .  whatever they be called ?  A break from my logical-mind numeric/engineering training allows the connections which are dusty and untouched for the most part.
Although, how better a metaphor for weather patterns, dissipation of heat from an engine, predictions of human activity,  or flight of the predator drones   than the equations, mathematical models or anecdotal evidence which attempt to describe those realities?

But a question must result:
What could be the best inspiration?  Walk on the beach, trip to the moon, night at the tavern, visit to the gym, a person's statement,  photos and images,  trip to the desert,  or ??