Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Navigating by the Light of a Minor Planet

The trouble with belief in endlessness is
it requires a belief in beginninglessness.
Consider friction, entropy, perpetual motion.

And the trouble with holding to both is that
belief in endlessness requires a certain hope
while belief in beginninglessness ends in the absence of hope.

Or maybe it's vice versa. Luckily,
belief in a thing is not the thing itself.
We can have the concept of origin, but no origin.

Here we are then: in a world where logic doesn't function,
or else emotions can't be trusted. Maybe both.
All known tools of navigation require an origin.

Otherwise, there is only endless relativity and then
what's the point of navigation, in a space where
it's hard to be lost, and even harder not to be?

Saying "I don't want to be here" is not the same
as saying "I want to not be here." It rains
and it rains and it rains the things I haven't said.

Poem by Jessica Goodfellow

Seems like these two complement each other.  I like words just beyond my grasp (that last stanza will take some airing)-- maybe in the right mood I can comprehend and understand the writer of the poem and the taker of the photo (Hanspeter Klasser of  Karlsbad, Germany with a Canon 350D). When queried, Mr. Klasser said that the photo above, Blue Tunnel, is an "alienation" of Red Rose -- another of his photos.
And the intent is probably just half a bubble off of level, which is fine.

I am afraid that I had to rely on the kindness of strangers for this presentation.