Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Distant help for a wandering soul
The peace which passeth all understanding
I am told

Fast clouds passing  on a rainy day
Sweet scent nosed of cut clover and hay
soft air

Breath pulled in deep to pinpoint wandering thought
To let it rest deep in the chakra where it belongs
To allow release and capture at the same time

I wonder why that is so hard

Fractal design by Buddhi on Fractal forum using a Mandelbulber  program (not mine -- I wish!)
Our first fractal attempt took 23 hours to run on a monocolor monitor with an 8086 chip in the CPU.
The pixel was either off or on, black or yellow.  The math is fairly easy, with guidance from a fractal book.  It is understanding why it works which is the rub.  Why evaluating how fast a mathematical function goes to infinity then assigning a color to that pixel depending on the speed, produces beauty such as that above.
One of my fractals is the blue spinner where my photo belongs on this blog -- very basic.

It would be nice if nature developed from numbers --- and it may be so.