Friday, November 05, 2010

Teal and Rust

I posted last September and October an inquiry as to what is art.  Turned out to be no definitive description, as personal taste and subjectivity   entered  into it.  But the following general statement may come close to enclosing a workable theme:

"Art is a revelatory expression of a supportive nature that balances the human  tendency for logical criticism."

So, expression is it?  Could be music, painting, dance, writing, poetry, performance art in the street -- seems many forms of expression would qualify.  For the expression to be "revelatory" imposes a personal aspect as it must affect the subject in a way that causes a reaction of some sort.  So art can be good or bad!

I envision an expression inside of a living structure which would reflect the outside conditions.  Temperature, wind ,solar incidence and intensity, moisture, could be indicated by changing colors on a painting or even changing geometry on a three-dimensional display of moving pointers on scales.  The connections would be tricky and would probably have to be done as the house is being built (or electronic signals, senders and receivers would be easier).    But  glance around and see you are living, or at least aware of, conditions external to the building .  If a variable can be detected, it can be expressed, and how much more revelatory can you get?

I have driven by this old trailer for years and the door section, painted and rusty, has always caught my eye.
So I present it as art , for me at least, although I doubt I would want it in the house.