Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I guess that you have been wondering why I have gathered you all here today:
Seems this blog , the oldest that I have done since 2006, is in need of revamping with a better layout and room for bigger graphics. So on it goes, still be here, but newness gone.

As for you cows, grow big, eat well, do not slouch,   and at about 1800 pounds you will be sold for near a dollar a pound "on your hooves" as they say and each then bring in about $1800, of course.   Is it any wonder that there are cows everywhere, even in the deserts' feeding off of burned cactus, here in the US?   We, or I mean you, must feed the fast food machine so that we too can grow big, fat, and sassy.

So I will leave you all here today to be espied upon by any lost soul happening along for some history (including myself).   MOO to you too