Saturday, November 18, 2017

What's Next . . .

Direction to me. 

It seems the blogs may be nearly on the way out . Too easy with FB to comment a quick retort or post a photo of your last meal than to really take some time, maybe research, and present a thoughtful presentation on the blog. 
Leaving my blog,  I fear loss of  my ability to stay with a project (may be aging but  not to the extent that I experience it) since attending other distractions -- FB, etc.  I will start something like repairing a lawn mower or sweeping up this lady bug infestation, and quit partway through vowing to return later.  Things get eventually done but only through attrition. I seem to have no staying power with a project, even reading.      Time for a change . . . .

  And  I see that poetry is still alive and well on the blogs: