Friday, April 20, 2012


Watching: the recorder, the lover,  goddess as part

as time goes on the past looks quaint
but the present will look quaint to the future
the progression of life must be viewed as a flow
yet we are here in the present trying to understand
 maybe help from the observers?

Chagall  "Red Roofs" 1954   from:   poets

Sleeping lady in peace

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 I couldn't help but add this to my post.  This is my grandmother and her sister (on the right) in a pre-1915 REO -- I think.  Notice the position of the steering wheel on the right side.  I am told that, until 1915 they were placed such to allow the driver to avoid the ditch on the side of the road and keep the car on solid ground.  Also note the wooden wheels, and lantern which could be taken off to guide one to the house after dark.  This would have been Sandstone, Minnesota I am guessing since that's where she lived.

 Why do old photos and films seem simpler and more basic in their honesty?