Friday, April 13, 2007

Lost And Abandoned

I discovered this rooster was left by neighbors moving on when I realized that I could still hear his crow after they had left. So over to feed and try to catch the guy and take him to safer ground when I saw those spurs on his legs. They appear to project about 45° from the back of his leg toward the insides of the legs, and are about 3" long! So although I had him within grabbing distance (because food is the universal attractor) I decided not to grab him. I have seen pictures of fighting cocks and believe that they jump into the air and slash with these weapons.
Perhaps that's why the coyotes, owls, coons, hawks, and other predators have left him be . . . as I will.
Many suggestions on how to trap him have rolled in but I think I will feed him, admire him, awaken by him , and let others catch him! Good luck brave souls.