Friday, October 07, 2011


Careful now . . .  this cat will chew your face off if provoked! 
Not really, but for one named Zippy she is mostly found asleep off in some other world  (she was once a flash of yellow seen as a vertical streak falling off of the roof there to the right -- a great image.)

If you had to lie on your stomach, your legs would stick out too!  Guy and Daisy finally looking at me.
He showed up one icy winter with heartworms, bare ribs, and in need of some warmth and human kindness - or any other kind of kindness he could find. She is there as his buddy and running mate -- you can never have just one dog . . .  it's an outfit.

A real cutie until she starts chasing the ducks back into the lake.  I can tell now that I will be rescuing her this winter as she falls through the thin ice on the lake.  I just hope that it is fairly near to shore as my rope is not getting any longer and I am getting weary of rescues.


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A passing thought: Winter

It is all around me
not like skin or air or quilt  . . .  more like music and thought and feeling
there in the air and in the wind
Can't put your finger on it because it is your finger
and the leaves and the small plants and the snakes and the grass and the life in the soil
reacting to a change,  slowing down for a respite back into the ground.
Me ----  I shall build a fire