Friday, January 18, 2013

Subterranean Blues

Awhile back I did a post on what is art and received many opinions and definitions , among them:

"Art is what the artist has to express in order to breathe",    "Art is a form of explanation",   "Art is the proper task of life" (Nietzche),     "Anything in nature", and    "A revelatory expression of a supportive  nature that balances human tendency for logical criticism".  I still wonder.   I know what I like:   is an expression which I donot grow tired of..  We have a mixed media painting called "Nest" , by Renee of Hannibal, Missouri (Mark Twain's home town) which hangs above our mantle and has for many years.  I can't explain why I never want to move it elsewhere or replace it.  Seems it belongs there and always will.

This above expression by Mr. Henry Avignon is created, I think, by a process of mechanical oxidation, then photographed.  I seem to always look for a colorful scene as in  the twisty organic colors in this one.  Why does it appeal to me amongst all of his other works?  Dunno
Art can be tricky and make you ask questions maybe never to be answered.

                                                                   "Nest" by Renee

I am tending toward a definition of Art as being :    "an unnecessary work of visual, aural, or written product ,which is  presented to  and considered by others, to express a life".  "Unnecessary"  in the sense that we can live without it.  All we need to actually survive is air, water, food, and shelter.  (But how much richer our lives to be exposed to the work and expression of others.)  And the artists certainly would not consider it unnecessary --- in fact, their definition usually involves a need to express in some form or other, in order  to live!
Why do we write on these blogs to express, when we don't necessarily have to?  Why are there cave paintings in France,  and etchings on rocks in the dry  American southwest from long-gone tribes?

The need to leave a mark seems to be a human urge.