Thursday, May 11, 2006


I've always liked this view of southern Utah, USA in the spring. I'm trying to match the color of the sky with my blog background but haven't quite done it yet as is evident. There is an area near here where tribolites can be found. They are some of the oldest lifeforms on earth. Early Permian, I believe.


  1. Welcome to the blogesphere, I hope you will be as happy here as I am :-D Great picture to start off with!!

  2. To make the colour of your blog match the sky, use the following hex code for the colour


    Good luck :)

  3. hello lyle, is it goatman? I am confused. What is Memphis jim? Do I know you from somewhere, or I somehow naked? lol.

    Stacey is fine, she is off blogging for a time, taking a break from the pressures to apply at her work and some reading, that is what she has told me, She seems fine, more relaxed than before, less wired and on edge. I think she is okay, she had a rough time for awhile, then got bit by a dog.

  4. Beautiful picture! the blue looks good! This picture reminds me a bit of the painted desert in New Mexico. the colors are awesome there too.

  5. I almost think you should leave the contrasting colors as they are, because I like the color of your blog as it is, so refreshing, more like a sky. And the contrast between this picture and your blog is fabulous.

  6. This is a picture of one of my fantasy places.
    Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona...desert and vast rocks, desert plants and red and gold earth. I believe that if I could stand in a place like that, just have my feet planted, I would somehow know the answers to questions I can't even formulate. This would seem silly, but I live near the ocean, and it has that effect, too.
    But then you're from Missouri. You've got quite a sky there. Driving back from south-east Mo to St. Louis a couple Mays ago, I watched from under sunset blue skies as a huge thundercloud hunkered over St. Louis, crackling with lightening. For months after I got home, I thought about that huge sky.

    Like your blog, Goatman - and your pictures. And thanks for the visit.