Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Looking for the space between words; the pause before the mockingbird selects his next offering. . .

Peace lies in the interval between breaths and the lack of thought between thoughts.

The lake seems placid today. A haiku koan might bring serenity

(art by inka essenhigh) thank e


  1. Lyle, I love your reference to "the space between words," and how even those minute moments can be invaluable.

    Ah, how we need those moments to pause and reflect--not only when our minds are racing and our sentences become run-on, but during times of tranquility.

    Sitting on a riverbank, or during evenings on my front porch, listening to the night hawks overhead, I often experience a lack of thoughts... perhaps the most peaceful, refreshing moments a person could ever have.

  2. hey hi there!

    I think i know what you meant about Leonard Cohen's new offerings? it took me awhile and some research and I found out that he is a Buddhist Monk! wow! I had no idea when i posted his song.

  3. I want to check out his poetry too! Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Lyle, didn't know you are still around, so glad to see you o'er my way!

    Peace lies in the interval between breaths and the lack of thought between thoughts.

    Everything is found there! - and nothing at all.

  5. "Time Space"..I have always needed this quiet space "in between" and yet so many are so addicted to busy they find me odd that I do..isn't it ironic don't you think?..:)

    I have loved Leonard Cohens words and music forever!..."Famous Blue Raincoat", "Last years man", "Who by Fire", "Chelsea Hotel No.2" and "I'm your man" my favs..saw him on a PBS concert about a year ago looking pretty smooth and his deep voice still has the special essence of his. Buddist Monk? Not surprised..interesting. I also have always loved Nico's music and uniqueness..too sad she passed on quite a few years ago along with Laura Nyro.



  6. Laura Nyro was a great singer, I had all her work at one time in Memphis, loved her songs, met my last wife in that company of her singing. Time flies, hate to hear but man, I get behind the times.

    Just can't keep up with everything.

    I like the art, that is what I came back here to say, great stuff, very thought provoking. lol.

  7. I love this "Looking for the space between words"

    pretty nice blog. :)

  8. beautiful!..goosebumps.

  9. Peace... in the lack of thought between thoughts... ah, yes, exactly.