Sunday, October 15, 2006

Big Al


  1. Rouen male. "One of three" were they borgs but I don't think they are.

  2. It was so kind of you to visit my blog...Thanks

  3. wow look at him! hes all grown up!

    beautiful colored feathers.

  4. Hi Goatman

    Diffucult question :))

    I don't agree with you :)
    'couse in my language dots are important and has special and important means :)But I don't know How :)) How will I explain :)

    Such as ... ( Three dots )

    You are speaking about one event which you live, but somethings are special you don't want to speak about this you put three dots

    or the topic didn't finished but the topics are cont in the life you don't know How will it continiue you put three dots :)

    I think this explain your question answer, Dots has a lot of mean in the typing language :))

    Let me say :)
    I was thinking that all language rules are same but maybe some small different things :) but you say My language has different languge suc as we don't have two dots above :) It s an interesting isn't it :))

    take care

  5. is that one too at ur farm? it's pretty...

  6. My. Isn't he a handsome creature?

  7. What a beautiful picture. Sorry I did not read before. Cancer is terrible but chemo and radiation are even worse. Love to all.....

  8. That is an amazing picture, that duck is so feelable, my eyes feel those textures, and the color is tremendous, Goatman, that is one great photo!

    The duck is a really super looking duck too, bet he likes you, huh?

  9. hallo, beautiful Al.
    u have an awesome blog here. 1st time, wont be my last.

  10. Give my best regards to Big Al!
    How handsome he is!


  11. When I would take my son down the riverbanks when he was little, we'd feed the ducks and call them "duckers". Some people thought that I was teaching my boy foul language. Your picture reminds me of those good times.

  12. btw... thanks for the poem

  13. Angel,
    There is a wonderful support system with the gentle people on these blogs.
    There must also be some medical blogs with people who have gone through the process and could lend support, that you might try.
    My thoughts are with you.

  14. Big Al, right?
    Gosh, life is just amazing... mesmerizing

  15. stunning!! thanks for sharing with us this handsome picture.

  16. i never get used to how bright the greens are ...

    thanks for ur comment :)