Thursday, August 02, 2007

Building the Bigger

The ideal and the real. Burj Dubai tower is to be the highest building on the planet at about 3000 feet. (true height is yet to be determined as it is still under construction)
Designed by Skidmore, Merrill and Owings of Chicago and being built by Samsung of South Korea and a whole lot of sweat labor from the rest of the world.
I wondered where all of that oil money was going.
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It is said that one will be able to see Babylon from the top!


  1. this makes me kind of sad. i mean, what's the point in erecting such buildings? it looks impressive (or it will) but that's about it.
    human greed and stupidity really have no limits.

  2. Polona,
    Makes me sad as well. To think what this oil money could do for the planet and to have it wasted on bigger buildings (at over $1000 a night)is a travesty of logic and
    justice. So many poor in need of a hand.
    To think that these arabs were once roaming the sands with their camels seeking the next watering hole! Now all they can come up with, with unlimited resources, is more concrete and glass! Pitiful

  3. Maybe if we climb on top, we wil all speak the same language and see God.

  4. I've seen other pictures of Dubai buildings. It truly boggles my mind, the way money is spent with no regard for common sense.

  5. I'm with Polona and you on this Goatman. Such an utter waste of money. The design is exquisite - now why can't such talent be used in a more useful way...

  6. Well as it seems Dubai it seems to be the Arabic New York...
    Living in class as it seems

    being borught up in Dubai I still ask the same question I about such huge building


  7. it is sad-- my tower is taller than your tower mentality. Like the Chicago Sears Tower- actually I'm not sure what the tallest in the USA is... San Francisco had some pretty pointless skyscrapers too--in an earthquake zone -- How American Skyscrapers are-- and now Dubai seems like a mini america--mall mall mall tall tall tall... American values .


  8. Hi Goatman, Thank you for visiting us. Pop in on my blog, Annie's scribbling pad as this is where I leave my notes the most.

    As for building the bigger...I just glad to see it go up instead of outward, just think of the land which would be used up. It could even have led to the landclearance of years gone by. Let them build their follies.

    Best wishes to you,


  9. If they'll be seeing the tower of Babylon from there, doesn't that seem kinda ominous? :>

    Mother nature might not appreciate the nose job.

  10. The precedent is already there, they will have to build a fence higher than it, all around it, and station many many guards and that means in the air too, to keep it up.

    I think it is foolishness.

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  12. Whoa thats big! I'm not impressed!

  13. 3000 feet...I'm afraid of heights!

  14. Hi Gootman!
    I think that it is possible to see Babylon from the top. People always dream about to go to heaven in their own way.
    Best to you!

  15. disneyland for some grown up people (or not so grown up), architectural & engineering wonders for others ....

  16. i second polona. even the owner al-maktoum himself is afraid to reveal the height as people around him are beginning to talk about him being arrogant.

    anyway, this is certainly a very good blog. i like the concept. it's cool!

    thx :-)

  17. I may have to rethink my opinion of arabic construction. Given the money and the chance, I may build a rocketship disguised as a building!!
    Blind justice-- maybe the meek shall inherit the earth, and cover it with buildings.