Friday, September 14, 2007

The Goat

The dark blue 1965 Pontiac with the engine displacing 389 cubic inches, 325 horsepower (when new), Carter AFB 4 barrel carb, dual exhausts, Muncie 4 speed transmission ; no AC, no power steering, no power windows, just power to the rear wheels, and not
a metric bolt to be had in its construction. Inside is bucket seats, 4 on the floor., AM radio, and wing- windows. Designed by John Delorian when fresh at General Motors. It would get 18 miles/gal on a good hiway- driving day and ran down the road straight as an arrow. We drove it over 300,000 miles through two engine overhauls, multiple carb rebuilds, brake shoes every 50,000 miles or so, and two bodies (the body above is from the parts' car which I had to switch out with the old body after it totally rusted in essential places.) I have probably had a wrench or screwdriver on every bolt and screw on this car at one time or another; and busted every knuckle on my right hand trying to get them loose (the bolts or screws, not the knuckles!) It was only stuck once: in florida sand near Port St. Joe at the road to the beach where the helpful fellow who is always there passed by and pulled us out.
The lower shot is headed east in the Oregon desert in the goat's first iteration with the original paint. We were camped near this lake to repair my brother's '53 Chevy pickup which was suffering a broken universal joint on the driveshaft probably from the drive over Mount Hood.
Fortunately there was a small store nearby (in the middle of nowhere) which had some bolts and power to run our drill to fix the part. Then a swim in the lake behind our campsite.


  1. I know nothing about cars but I can tell this one must really have been something. My parents had a turquoise Ford Galaxy 500XL convertable in the 60's that we thought was so very cool, but we had to wear these geeky hairnets or we'd never have been able to comb our hair again!

  2. Ages ago I use to go to old car shows. A friend of mine owns a baby blue 70's Chevy. I use to own a Chevelle and I love those old trucks. My step father would call them old Jimmys.

    Nice, very nice. Oh and swin in the water, just let me take that GTO for a ride...please?

  3. It sounds like you know a lot about cars! I have no idea what some of these things are, like barrel carbs, metric bolts, universal joints.... When I was a teenager and driving old beat-up cars, I really would have liked to have known a guy like you! :)

  4. ooo man, those are classics. well maintained. my dad still drive his old volkswagen beetle :-)

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  6. When it comes to car talk, I am lost. It is like a foreign language to me. Thank God my hubby knows enough about cars to keep ours running.

    You mentioned dual exhausts. That sounds like something out of an old drag racing movie.

  7. Some cars are just like that...they become part of your family. They get checkups when due, you wash every nook and cranny, and you make sure they get the right food for maximum efficiency.

    Sort of sounds like kids, lol!

  8. GTO, Goatman, and it is hard to think of a desert in Oregon. Great car and I like the pickup.

    Busted knuckles are a way of life for many years and times are not what they used to be, reached the pinnacle in mid 60s and gone down hill ever since with car building.

    I can sense the adventure Goatman.

  9. ryc: you really got exactly my thought, what i wrote it for and connected with me. thanks for really listening (or reading in this case lol).

  10. cars really evolved then! oh imagine life without vehicles! ;0)


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  12. I see you got spammed by Lapa, too!

  13. My husband used to race GTO's in the 60's and he never sees a '65 without almost saluting!

  14. I must admit I do have a passion for old cars and motorcycles. Even my first car in life was older than me;
    Austin Somerset de Luxe, 1954. I loved (saudade) that car, all perfect black with a big A with wings in the front, and a little sunroof (Sumerset). Inside red leather, on sits, doors, everywhere. "She" actually had a cigarette-lighter (de Luxe). It was possible to start the engine with a car key, but I just liked to show off *lol* by starting it with the handle (hope You know what I mean) up front, where there was as much people as possible ... OK I was 18 ... haven't changed much, have I?

    Thanks for igniting my memory files

    I tried to find an illustration, but found only the convertible of the same model.
    Oh yes here it is, but my turn signal, was sticking out long, like a hand between the first and second side windows, this model is a wrong model of the car Grrr and its not a black beauty either.