Monday, March 10, 2008


hey a door . . . lets go through

looks scary over there

but theres flowers

just remember the last time

wasnt that bad, we only died once!

true, but I didnt like it

but here we are safe and sound once again

lets keep it that way

im goin in


Wild Garden Gate
by Ginger Cook
A Houston artist who uses stucco
and other media for a nice depth-effect


Old Lady said...

Nice come back on the poem

Janice Thomson said...

What a delightful painting! Your words match wonderfully. I like this very much.

Proxima Blue said...

Honestly Goatman, dying once was well enough for me thank you! I'm really not looking forward to the next and most likely last time for this life.

It go against my better judgement to tempt the fates as I am likely to do.

What's your reasoning?
I'm always trying to save things I can't see myself.

Take Care,

Stacey said...

Good evening Goatman,
As usual I love the words you use, and the picture is great lovely :)

Katie McKenna said...

Beautiful painting! Enjoyed the poem as well... thank you!

Professor Montblanc said...

Nice post nice artwork

lets go through...that's right!

PS =---Born on a Cree reservation in Qu'Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan, Buffy Sainte-Marie was adopted and raised in Maine and Massachusetts. She received a Ph.D. in Fine Art from the University of Massachusetts. She also holds degrees in both Oriental Philosophy and teaching, influences which form the backbone of her music, visual art and social activism.

polona said...

i want to come in through that door and explore what lies there...
thank you

Mother of Invention said...

Hey, love the dialogue style and love the image too. I'd be going in...even if it meant I died a second death!

Middle Ditch said...

Oh, I love that gate and the poem is beautiful. Thank you for sharing

jim said...

Beautiful artwork, I am inspired by it, want to do some NOW! Your words ring a bell, sounds just what I heard at the gate I think, good writing Goatman!

I will have to check out this Artist too.

Azer Mantessa said...

err ... goosebump here

interesting point of view from another guy who prefer to go in.

ANNA-LYS said...

I love it! You are back!
And I did throw out the "gravestone" *lol* and threw in some Stratocoaster, instead ;-)

Reign said...

Ei! where have you been?!!! grr...

Nice poem, and the picture, it blends

I'm glad you're back!

ANNA-LYS said...

Happy Easter Holiday

(( hug ))

ANNA-LYS said...

You got a question over at my blog ... if You got the time? ;-)


Stacey said...

Goodevening Goatman, it's lovely to hear from you, hope you have been well! thank you so much for your comment on my site(I have left you a message there as well) :>

Stacey said...

Happy Easter Goatman!!

Marion said...

Happy Easter, Goatman! I'd be going through the gate as and sound can be boring. lol

Thanks for the heads up about Ginger Cook.

Monique said...

Hi Goatman, I just read your comment (thank you for visiting) and alas, no I have no idea, but I will ask DC my husband, he is much more knowledgeable than me and let you know as soon as I can.

The other ditch is my audio blog Middle Ditch, quirky tales of village life. Each episode is between four and six minutes long. You might like it. It is also broadcast on a French radio station for the expats living there.

Monique said...

Hi, it's me again. DC doesn't know but said try to google him.

Only just got that joke (stupid me) Middle Ditch lies between Lower Ditch and Higher Ditch ha-ha-ha

Just posted episode twelve there.

Celestine said...

hey goatman... interesting piece written for the art work you are portraying

ANNA-LYS said...

Hey Goatman,
Hope Your Easter Holiday has been peaceful ... but, now its time for laughs :-D

mystic rose said...

Hi goatman,
its been a long while :). How are you?
thats a lovely painting, and yes, the garden is indeed too tempting!!

Echo said...

Dying once
I love that line
thanks for visiting my blog!

Princess Haiku said...

Hi Goatman,
I stopped by for a visit and a saunter through a gate I see. Poem and painting work well together.

Sophia said...

You don't write here often, but when you do, it's always special. I don't mind waiting because I know a visit here is always going to be worth the wait.

Your poem shows a bit of your courage.

I sent you an email, to the address that's in your profile.

ANNA-LYS said...

Just strolling through the door ;-)


janetleigh said...

This is a beautiful blend of painting and poem, Goatman. I especially like these lines:

"just remember the last time

wasnt that bad, we only died once!"


Pauline said...

Couldn't help but walk through that opened gate still a curious child! Books on stone walls of New England by Robert M. Thorson might be of interest. We recently attended a lecture on the subject and it was fascinating.

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