Friday, April 18, 2008


Our ducks: sprig on the right with bully boy, roxy, and spotts adjacent; we got them through the winter intact, now they can rest.
Canadian goose watching over while his mate sits on eggs nearby. The geese flew in a month or so ago seeking quiet solace and apparently finding it. Roxy is on eggs also when she feels like it . . . not much hope for a hatching there . . . domestication seems to rouen them, as it does us all.

Sprig with a particularly attractive tiara today; Spotts in back. Something got into the goose's eggs and they are gone but Roxie is being diligent with her eggs which are in the duck house inside the pen with only lake access, so we may have little Rouens soon to add to the four.


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog and taking the time to comment. Love the photographs of the ducks!

  2. I don't think I've seen a goose resting on just one leg and sound asleep :) Are the ducks Mallards? How nice you live close to water - is it a pond or a river? Wonderful photograph.

  3. hello goat man,
    Nice blog ,thanks for passing by my blog I was happy to see ur comment.Thats really sweet of you .
    Do u know that all people are saying you can do it keep on and I am feeling burned out . I don't know what to do I was in this mode since two months and I wish if I can change it .
    Thanks again I wish you a nice day.
    Princess of rain

  4. it's nice to see the ducks make it through the winter.
    that goose looks cool :)

  5. nice photo. like a window to the park whilst I lay here on my sofa :)

    I love ducks and their pretty necks :)

    happy they made it thru the winter. Domestication is not for everyeone ;)

  6. Good evening Goatman,
    Lovely Photo of sprig, bullyboy, roxy and spotts!

  7. yes doesn't it rouen us all... kitties et puppies too

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. I loved your questions and comments. I responded on my blog, but will add here that my usual blog posts are often inspired by the photos. WIth the poem a day this month the words definately drive the post... then pictures follow. It would have been hard for me to blog before I experimented with a digital camera.

  9. "domestication seems to rouen them, as it does us all."

    off late, crime rate is getting higher than ever here. last week, us the neighborhood have agreed to take turns for night patrolling.

    i am to be awake at least once every two weeks.

    good to see ... that canadian duck is making a point to me.

  10. ^0^ I remember once when I went to my university, by bus, I saw a group of beautiful ducks, they cheered me up, yet the thing that really made me laugh out loud, was how they were sitting on grass, and there was no lake or water beside them. It was a very strange scene for me, since I always picture ducks swim only on lakes! However, I like your images and the way you describes them, your words are magnificent.

    Best regards,

  11. Great play on words! And just waters me down a bit, is all.

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  13. Dear Goatman,

    I deleted the my last comment, accidentally, sorry :"(

    What I want to say is thank you very much for the new information about (Khaki Campbell ducks) Wow, they are so cute. I didn't know that there is a kind of ducks, which like staying on lands. I hope to have some of them in my new home, yet the problem is that , I am addicted on raising cats, so I afraid that they may hurt my sweet ducks >.<
    Thanks for your adorable comment, and please, keep on informing us about your cute ducks.

    With all of my respect,

  14. A million thanks for being there always to cheer me up..your comments give me pat on the back..By the way I love the photo on ducks and what their upto

  15. Just a distant "hello" from an other birdie ;-)

  16. Do these ducks stay around your place all year?

    It's so wonderful to have wildlife in our environments. I feel a great difference in my level of serenity when there's a rabbit in my yard, or when we visit Maine in the summer, because we see all sorts of wildlife there.

    I'm domestic and domestically challenged, by the way, but I'm still kicking, lol...

  17. Neat that you can watch this up close every year and monitor the progression of the lives of these birds.
    Thanks for commenting on my poem. I responded back there.

  18. Goatman my friend,

    I am SO ANXIOUS about this new round of saber rattling. but what I am more concerned about is that there is really NO PUBLIC OUTROAR about all these new allegations; all this new threats; the Betrayus appointment, the Clinton Obliteration comment

    To me it seems Americans are back to their selfish petty concerns over gas price and house market; turning a blind eye on the havoc bush is ready to wreak in the world again; and in America by consequence


    America's bashing Reverend Wright for being right! How am I to trust this nation is not delusional ... how am I to trust it will not let America create another nuclear holocaust?

    Is anyone ashamed of Hiroshima?

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  19. You've domesticated mallards? I'm sure you have some great stories about their antics! (For some reason Beatrix Potter comes to mind...)

    Dare I ask how "bully boy" got his name?

  20. first time visit here... nice blog.

  21. One of me most favourite winter things to do, is to go to Petersfield lake and feed the ducks, everyone seems to forget about them in the winter months.... I LOVE ducks, and when married we use to keep some Aylesbury ducks up at our plant nursery.... alas he got custody of the ducks I got the kids LOL...

    Ducks are great but CHICKENS rule ;)


  22. Please define "break".
    I am not back, in my former form.
    Only for "Valborgsmässoafton" (Walpurgis Night) as all witches are.

    (( hug ))

  23. Beautiful pictures! It's a treat to see them so close up.

  24. Thanks so much for the comments on my page. The photos on your page are beautiful! I think you page has a great feeling of tranquility!

  25. Could be a duck blog, I love it. What an adventure.

  26. Hello Goatman, I am very glad the ducks made it thru the winter well, and you and yours too!

    These are great photos, and great wonderful ducks to enjoy and play with, real comrades and buddies, great feelings!

  27. My sister always said the birds that every spring used to spend a few weeks where I once lived were ducks. I said they were "Canadian geese."

    I won't be showing sis your photos.

  28. I love these photos! feel sad about the goose's eggs. :(

  29. lovely :)

    I found your previous post on the abandoned house intriguing.Loved the photos!

  30. Hello there,

    Of course you can use any picture you want from my web site!

    As for Shahyad momument; yes you can go inside it, it's a museum. I have to tell you that this building was built in 1971 (I think) by order of Farah; the queen of Iran before revolution.

    Ever since, the architecture in Iran has come a very long way into the post-modernization!

  31. Go see Goosee :-)

    We have had one Canadian on visit her in my town

  32. Hi Goatman,
    Just stopping by to see how you and Sprig, Bullyboy Roxy and spotts are ;-D