Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tracks and Flakes

Tryin to make out
from the inside out
Fractal dendritic noise
patterned here

a rime in time
as I peer near


  1. oh, i love this. beautiful photo and words.

  2. Great Blog, Goatman! Mind if I add it to my collection?

  3. Beautiful. The image moves the text forward as though they are twins.

  4. yes, when i was a student too many years ago, i saw the snow flakes under the miscroscope ...


  5. e,
    Please do, I am honored.
    I have often thought of doing that. How does one keep the flake from melting on the slide?

    Thanks all

  6. Fascinating! Found myself looking from the inside out...

  7. What a very interesting did you do that?

    Thank you for your recent thoughtful comment on my blog Goatman.



  8. You really caught a nice image, here!

  9. visiting from princess hiaku; thanks for taking a look at my site. This is a great photo... and being frost; I know you did not take it here in the Bay Area ;-)

  10. I would have loved to be the one to find this wonderful slice of Mother Nature's work. I'm glad you did, so I could enjoy it here.

    And I also wish I could write poetry as well as you..."a rime in time" it!

  11. Great shot. Wonderful words. All so different.

  12. Hi Goatman,

    Thanks for your comment on my Blog today. I'm curious. On your profile, you describe yourself as a recovering minimalist. What is that?

  13. Very nice!
    I enjoyed it very much!


  14. e

    The minimism I speak of could be thought of as absorption in minute detail, which has its place but must be balanced by its opposite: the difference between sunlight and moonbeams, equations and poetry, the freeway and blue highways, yin and yang.
    My schooling and work is numbers and structure and I seek a recovery of sorts. Something lost being found or a viewpoint being brought back into a more normal and balanced position.
    This is not to imply abandonment of the literal extreme but to work the paydirt of the interfaces, the grey areas, for meaning and a balanced view.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for the question; it allowed me to better define and "wordify" my meaning.

    By the way, my research on this question turned up the word "minikin" which is defined as a small or dainty, diminutive creature.
    "All human beings must in beauty yield to you; a Peri I have ne'er beheld." Quote by a fellow named Sadee , (Peri is a Persian fairy)

  15. i had to look up dendritic- I like "fractal dendritic"

    snowflakes and frost and ice crystals always get to me.
    maybe that's why I never get fed up with winter.

    I went to a snowflake exhibit once at some science museum in Calif. --or maybe at the Griffith Observatory? I was a kid --but I remember the exhibit cearly, they had snowflake patterns on dark blue paper, and back then they believed no two were alike. that amazed me.

  16. it almost looks like a collage made of cloth and threads

  17. Words are very fitting to the image. Fractals outwards they go.

  18. that's the idea. to watch it melt on the slide. the flakes keep changing structures.

  19. I am looking forward to a new post, goatman. hint. The moon is full and poignant tonight. And tomorrow at moonset an eclipse.

  20. That is just too cute. Great post.

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