Friday, April 24, 2009


As I breathe in the air a billion years old
and capture the pith of life lived . . .
and living
feel a bond to all that was . . .
and is,
I am joined to the flow
and take my fleeting drink

Here, now, mine, ours, one --
souls in time held in airy solution

As I breathe out . . .
I am emptygone to the future time

a continuous journey


  1. My contribution to Poetry Month.

    The river is the Missouri, looking west. When Lewis and Clark began their trip west, this river would meander between bluffs three miles apart (they stayed not far from here, near where the Osage river joins.)
    Now it is channelized and usually contained;leaving some of the best farmland in the state available.

  2. A lovely tribute to the nature!

  3. Goatman this is fantastic - what a delightful poem from beginning to end! The last three lines are very profound.
    I had not realized how wide the Missouri is - beautiful photo.

  4. "capture the pith of life lived"

    wonderful and will stay with me for courage and resolve

  5. oh wow. this is just excellent contribution to the poetry month

  6. A continuous journey........ yep


  7. Phew! How do you DO that? I've admired your poetry for years, Goatman...but I believe this is my favourite thus far. I absolutely love it.

    "capture the pith of life lived"...succinct and amazing! And the photo of the river is perfect to highlight the poetry.

  8. Great photo! Location please!

  9. "when my mother reminded me of not simply drink the tap water for not knowing where it is coming from, i said to myself, oh ... it's the big bang where the whole universe started"

    - an astronomist

    this one is really cool :-)

  10. Cool! Great poem, great pic. Wonderful.

  11. Good evening Goatman,
    I hope that you are well ;D
    Your poem is wonderful, you have an amazing way with your words, which I really admire.
    Take lots of care :)

  12. I love your poem. For some reason it made me feel better about life, just in general...all around. I relate to all the words..I need to take a deep deep breath and just let it "all go"...I wish I working on it..maybe too hard?..hmmm...

    I've not been online for quite some time. Finally found someone to help me find an internet server at my new place so I could get online.

    In answer to your response on my blog..yes I have an "organic"'s a king size all organic cotton and organic material huge mattress! I bought it about 15 years ago and have been dragging it around with me from place to place wherever I move...I've a wonderful queen size bead now with a headboard and matching dresser drawer..I just got it for a "late" birthday present from the people I had been living with until recently. Such a surprise and so very sweet of them. They are missing me like crazy and isn't it funny how that happens after we are gone it hit's them who you really are?..and it's hit me who they really are also..though I'm glad I've finally got my own place and space..he he..anyway I put my organic futon on top of the bed and it makes me feel like the princess and the pea!..:o)..sigh..wonderful and lovely.

    Had a bad fall right after my move..and had to get around in a wheelchair(with the help of my friends)for a I can finally drive but walking still hurts some..things are going well...just more "slowly".

    Thanks for thinking about me and your kind comments on my blog.

    Will get online when I can but not as much as I used's like that sometimes..

    Love and Blessings,


  13. Your poem creates such a wonderful feeling of relaxation and continuation... like it! :-)

    Happy springtime to you too Goatman!

  14. wow! that eternal journey into awareness taking place in one breath... in... out... and we are not the same person...

    loved it! loved it!

    so healing...

    the picture is a wow, too...

  15. Such a contribution..its all in you

    Thanks for taking always time to read me lately I find Im so taken with life and it upset me that I have no time to write and you words keeps me going


  16. Great poem and I wish I could be where that picture was taken.

  17. I especially love these lines:

    as i breathe in the air a billion years old ...I am joined to the flow and take my fleeting drink ...... ooooo - fleeting is soooo good here!
    gives me goosebumps.


  18. emptygone is a marvelous word!

    your comment on rdm's blog made me chuckle.

    your poems make me sigh with delight

  19. i love to read it over and over again!

    the river is so calm, it relaxes me just how your poem did.

    have a nice day goatman!

  20. No matter how many time I read it..I comeback to it and I love once again as if it the first time I read it

    Thank you

  21. Im waiting for your words ... I hope all is well

  22. oh...oooh I love this poem...about the "ancient breathe of breathing" I like this thought.

    I see I've missed a lot of your post these days..I've a bit of catching up to do..I've not been able to be online as much as I used to for very long. My laptop completely crashed and so I'm now on my old old "ancient" pc with windows 98...hard to believe I know but it's working!


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