Thursday, December 10, 2009


The finished Burj Dubai, on the Persian Gulf ; the tallest earthly building now, at almost 1/2 mile high (I think they cheated and used the towers on top in the calculation). Its probably good that earthquakes are not common in that part of the world since I doubt it was built to seismic standards. It has a third lobe, on the backside of the photo, to create a triangular cross-sectional setup for stability.
This may be the last of construction firsts for Dubai since the Emirate is in serious debt to all of the bond holders around the world who invested in nonstop construction since the early part of this decade --- not much oil there as it turns out!
But a wondrous place to roam around inside of as depicted by this website on the matter.
I am not a fan of "bigger is better" but something/one has to claim the prize I guess . . . and will.

Bigger is better they always say
but why not best in a beautiful way?
Sport and games teach conformity and structure I fear
with nary a thought to art or a song for the ear

from a push by Rhiannon


Naj said...


if you ever may believe that people who brought about the 1979 revolution were better than the thugs who are killing people today; watch these fotos:

People like me were hoping for a TRANSFORMATION of these criminals; but, their only remedy is to GO. Talibanization of Iran must stop NOW.

Marion said...

I visited the link you provided; I perused that site for awhile, with disbelief! I can't imagine the wealth which would sustain it. And of course, as you say, there is trouble now financially.

But those views! Wow. I believe, if I lived there, I would be dizzy with vertigo every day.

lettuce said...

that is extraordinary - The Shape of Things to Come sorts of pictures, but even more so

Rhiannon said...

A wonderful "Small" poem, yet it says so much in so few words. I love it! Well done Goatman. What you wrote is so true I fear. But we cannot give up hope even if things seem hopeless...if we all did that, then where would we be?

The pic is a beautiful sight I must say...but too bad the money was not spent for "other" much more important things in this life.

Hope your enjoying the Holidays.



Beach Bum said...

I agree with Marion, how in the world are they going to keep that thing maintained?

I never knew before I worked in a hospital how absolutely vital it was to keep air being sucked in from the outside and then expelled with expensive filters on both ends.

Stale or even dirty air can cause sickness in all buildings so it doesn't really matter what the purpose the building are used for. Add to that air conditioning, water use, electricity, and sewage and you might be surprised how quickly the bills can mount.

Now in a residential or business building with unused offices or even floors open up a whole new spectrum of problems. That building could end up being the biggest and tallest abandoned warehouse in the world.

Rhiannon said...


I just wanted to thank you for the very lovely nice poem you wrote in your comment about my post.

It meant more to me than You'll know...appreciate it.

Love and Blessings,


Jean said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting at Pondering......., Goatman.

I'll be browsing through here!

Middle Ditch said...

Wow, what a strange shape. Beautiful though.

strangerland said...

I wonder if we could build the largest free standing virtual structure on the world wide web. Maybe get into the record books that way. Just a thought. Thanks fro the comment in my blog. I left a response and a translation of morganfouch's chinese comment. Also left a comment with Sophia about what I'm up to at the moment with this blizzard and all. Cheers.

Audrinna said...

Merry Christmas hugssssssssssssssss

Middle Ditch said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Goatman. X

ANNA-LYS said...

Happy Yule Season, Goatman <3

iriz said...

it's a place i love to visit, nice photo. sadly there's an on going financial trouble. hope it's just something they have to get over and soon everything will fall into place, just like that tower.

happy holidays goatman!!! see you around!:)

shooting star said...

well, the building is nice, not just coz its supposed to be the tallest, but coz it is definitely an engineering marvel!!!

Audrinna said...

I don't if you knew but i have a story its about my life growing up

ANNA-LYS said...

Happy New Year, Goatman ;-)

Marion said...

I missed wishing you a Merry Christmas, Goatman, but I'm not so far away from wishing you a wonderful New Year! I hope you all had a marvellous time and that the rest of the year will go smoothly and happily!

Rhiannon said...

A bright and Happy New Year filled with "richness" of heart and spirit to you Goatman!

Love and Blessings,


human being said...

the point is that everyone wants to be seen... and each person tries in its own wayto do this!

some grow up by dwarfing others...

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