Monday, July 12, 2010


A place in time

a space formed man-made claypit lake 
 we walk to she and me

as the heat grows and small breezes help anticipate cool relief

a nice shade to sit and lay out some orange and cheese chunks.

Strip down for a swim . . .  careful of the kinda muddy edge . . .  best just to dive in.
water is deep and clear, and cool , and floating watching up to see blue and puffy floaters.
why arent clouds heavier than the air and come down nearer for closer  inspection?

smooth silk flowing fluid  by as we thread together and then apart.  really nothing to push against
but one with all as time is on hold and eternity passes with a heartbeat and a breath


  1. Beautiful writing...very liquid, just like your pool.

    What a lovely place you have! I imagine having a pool just like this. It must feel heavenly on a hot day, like liquid silk.

  2. Awesome! Painted a great picture with words.

  3. sounds and written so lovely..I envision myself in that water and feeling the whole essence of your perfectly beautiful description..

    Well, you know Melanie's "Brand new key" I always thought it was just a very rare "pop" kind of tune for her which did get her a hit..but to me that is not "Melanie born to me"..she goes much much deeper than that...I've all her albums and her songs are incredibly poetic and honest and "open"..

    "All the rivers are givers to the ocean according to plan"....that is my favorite...wish people could be more like rivers and oceans.

    I noticed you deleted your post on your health come? We all are here and you can share whatever you feel comfortable with.

    I want to hear how you are doing. You've been my "bloggie friend" for a long time now and I will be thinking of you and wishing and thinking positive thoughts for a healing improvement for you health my dear friend..

    Thinking of you and our fellow men and women.

    Love Peace and Blessings for this world.

    I guess it's time for me to write a new poem now Goatman since you lived up to your word..but I am in the middle of a very chaotic move to the 3rd floor right now..with not much help...hopefully it will all get done soon..and it's darn hot here. I hate moving, I've only done it 14 times in the last 13 years since my divorce...a survivor I am but I really just want to lead a simple life somewhere on a mountain with a tent..maybe one day.

    Lately I've been reminding myself of the famous Buddha quote "it is what it is"...


  4. what a unique experience i had through you magical words... i couldn't see the pic... and this all added to the depth...

    they worked liked a meditation... so soothing...

  5. Ethereal. Your writing as well as the pics. Wonderful.. Really...


  6. Just a short note to tell you I'm thinking of you today.

  7. Beautiful, indeed beautiful, Goatman!

    (( hug ))

  8. Goatman, I took you up on your very "thoughtful" challenge and dedicate my post to all the children suffering in the world...and also dedicate the post to you for giving me more food for thought..

    Thank you and Bless you and your open heart,