Friday, November 05, 2010

Teal and Rust

I posted last September and October an inquiry as to what is art.  Turned out to be no definitive description, as personal taste and subjectivity   entered  into it.  But the following general statement may come close to enclosing a workable theme:

"Art is a revelatory expression of a supportive nature that balances the human  tendency for logical criticism."

So, expression is it?  Could be music, painting, dance, writing, poetry, performance art in the street -- seems many forms of expression would qualify.  For the expression to be "revelatory" imposes a personal aspect as it must affect the subject in a way that causes a reaction of some sort.  So art can be good or bad!

I envision an expression inside of a living structure which would reflect the outside conditions.  Temperature, wind ,solar incidence and intensity, moisture, could be indicated by changing colors on a painting or even changing geometry on a three-dimensional display of moving pointers on scales.  The connections would be tricky and would probably have to be done as the house is being built (or electronic signals, senders and receivers would be easier).    But  glance around and see you are living, or at least aware of, conditions external to the building .  If a variable can be detected, it can be expressed, and how much more revelatory can you get?

I have driven by this old trailer for years and the door section, painted and rusty, has always caught my eye.
So I present it as art , for me at least, although I doubt I would want it in the house.


  1. im liking the first pic.....the combination of teal n rust is nice...

    thanks for your comments on my blog, the basic ingredients used are potato & peas for the gravy along with a whole lot of spices, for the fried bread(radhaballabhi), white flour has been used with a filling of bengal gram (soaked overnight, wet ground and cooked slightly with some spices) can check out the Preeoccupied's blog for the whole recipe...
    and yes am a civil engineer...

  2. nice picture..
    certainly every expression is an art and so is silence..

  3. Thank you for your visit to APOGEE Poet. I see we share art and life, as common threads woven into perceptions and orientations. Looking forward to a continued dialogue. I appreciate what you have put forth in 'Teal and Rust." Will respond with greater detail on the morrow. You are indeed welcomed to follow APOGEE Poet as well. Best always, Rose Marie

  4. Art is everywhere and in everything. Just like God. D

  5. Oh I'm loving this, goatman!! A few brave posts while I've been absent... You go, friend - you go. I'm cheering you on from the badlands.
    Much hugs

  6. Beautiful picture and post. Love the art quote on your sidebar!

  7. I would suggest that, whatever the medium, all art has a quality that makes a single finite expression represent or suggest something timeless or eternal.
    I love this trailer, travelling in it's stationary way. Does the rusted door still work? Or has it been left stuck by the solitary traveller at the kitchenette counter, scribbling out a history of the world.

  8. This is a very thought provoking post..the pic and what you wrote in the comes in so many colors, in so many situation, and so many actions and just in so many ways..we all can be creative in our own special ways which expresses our own type of "soulart" of who we are and how we feel and what affects us in things that we see from different angles. If that makes any sense to you?

    This rusty door with the blue in it is very beautiful in itself that it draws you to it.

    Great idea to take the photo.

    Hope your doing well Goatman and that your Thanksgiving was a very "Thankful" one...

    Many blessing and take care of yourself.



  9. "I envision an expression inside of a living structure which would reflect the outside conditions." I would like that...will you get right on it, Goatman? heh, heh

    I love the first photo. And I have taken photos of bits and pieces which make no sense, but I classify them as art. It is art to me. And I would have the photo of the teal and rust part of the trailer door in my's got great movement!!

    I'm thinking of you and hope you continue to do well.

  10. When art has the quality to evoke an emotion whatever it might be to whomever then perhaps it has fulfilled its reason for being. That this door strikes a chord with you does indeed make it art.
    This blog by Leovi has unique posts of photos that show how the most mundane things (like fork tines)carry their own beauty.