Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Distant help for a wandering soul
The peace which passeth all understanding
I am told

Fast clouds passing  on a rainy day
Sweet scent nosed of cut clover and hay
soft air

Breath pulled in deep to pinpoint wandering thought
To let it rest deep in the chakra where it belongs
To allow release and capture at the same time

I wonder why that is so hard

Fractal design by Buddhi on Fractal forum using a Mandelbulber  program (not mine -- I wish!)
Our first fractal attempt took 23 hours to run on a monocolor monitor with an 8086 chip in the CPU.
The pixel was either off or on, black or yellow.  The math is fairly easy, with guidance from a fractal book.  It is understanding why it works which is the rub.  Why evaluating how fast a mathematical function goes to infinity then assigning a color to that pixel depending on the speed, produces beauty such as that above.
One of my fractals is the blue spinner where my photo belongs on this blog -- very basic.

It would be nice if nature developed from numbers --- and it may be so.


  1. Anything that is hard to understand is complex only because of our attempts to manipulate the "thing" to conform to our own understanding of what it should be. If we let all be as it is without trying to reshape it then we see easily enough the truth of what we are trying to understand.

  2. It would be nice if nature developed from numbers --- and it may be so.

    That's what a mathematician said on a show I saw on the Science Channel the other night.

  3. Nonetheless the picture "captures" the beauty so well Goatman. Makes me think of "the light on the other side of the darkness" at the end of the tunnel, know what I mean?

    "To let it rest deep in the chakra where it belongs to allow release and capture at the same time. Did you write this? It doesn't say in the post...if you did you should let people know of your lovely writing and sign your name at the end.

    I (also) wonder why that is so hard! Yes, why is it so hard? Maybe the chaotic world we are thrown into on a regular basis doesn't help much.

    I had a blog friend from about 5 years back who worked with Fractal design on his blog in every post. He put stories to the fractal designs. His work was incredible and I would wonder "how did he do that"?? He tried to teach me a little about it, and so I tried and came up with a few things that were interesting, but just didn't understand how to know more!

    So, your "Fractal" is where your "view my photo" should be? I've often wondered when I looked at it how you did that or where you came up with it...it's definitely original...blue is a cool color too..:o)



  4. Rhi,
    If I didn't write, paint, or create anything on my post I will attribute it to whoever did.
    So, these are my words beneath the pic. Thanks

  5. Fractals are beautiful. The last sentence you wrote..Why is it so hard? That is something I myself am just figuring out my friend. Breathe in and than breathe out. That is all we can do. You write very well...

  6. Oh wow, I find this post so interesting. I don't know a thing about fractals other than they are mathematical. More info please? I like the breath capturing the moment - wish I had written that line :)

  7. Breath pulled in deep to pinpoint wandering thought
    To let it rest deep in the chakra where it belongs
    To allow release and capture at the same time.

    Beautiful words!

  8. Wow. It must be a morning for numbers. I just watched a savant on TED explaining how he sees the world. Here's the link...http://www.ted.com/talks/daniel_tammet_different_ways_of_knowing.html?utm_source=newsletter_weekly_2011-06-21&utm_campaign=newsletter_weekly&utm_medium=email

    Hope it works, if not, go to TED and watch Daniel Tammet. He's awesome!

    Lyle, your poetry in enchanting, so glad you've gone back to writing it. And the fractal design, as well, I remember your interest in it from a couple of years ago. So good to hear! xx

  9. this is so amazing hope...loved the poetry ... it feels good and gave me a lot of life ...

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  12. the image is very nice.....a haunting one.....and the words that you put after it are also haunting!!!

  13. I love the picture. Mandelbrot rules as my teen age nephew would say.

    I always though it would be amazing fun to study fractal geometry.

  14. Your words go with the picture so well.

  15. hey goatman. found your comments. sort of his a wall back there...as you probably figured. but I'd like you to know that your kind comments are one of the things that still makes me keep it on. I thank you for your patience. Peace/

  16. Goatman,

    I am just checking in to make sure you are well. xoxo


  17. Hope you are doing well and enjoying summer.
    Take care!

  18. The fractal photo was a perfect accompaniment to your words. To let anything rest seems hard for most humans - must be our chaotic makeup ;)

    Thanks for coming by my site and commenting.

  19. Hi
    Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog! You have a nice blog!
    wishing you a wonderful evening!

  20. It certainly is hard to be in the moment, but it's worth the effort to try. Nice to meet you! :)

  21. Wonderful post. I think this is one of the most dazzling fractals I have seen and the poem is beautiful, thoughtful. As to the wherewithalls of fractals in relation to math, my husband would be on the same page with you.

    I think your blog is marvelous!

  22. Beautiful words, making me remember and think and try to rest.

    Thankyou for your visit to my blog too.
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