Friday, October 07, 2011


Careful now . . .  this cat will chew your face off if provoked! 
Not really, but for one named Zippy she is mostly found asleep off in some other world  (she was once a flash of yellow seen as a vertical streak falling off of the roof there to the right -- a great image.)

If you had to lie on your stomach, your legs would stick out too!  Guy and Daisy finally looking at me.
He showed up one icy winter with heartworms, bare ribs, and in need of some warmth and human kindness - or any other kind of kindness he could find. She is there as his buddy and running mate -- you can never have just one dog . . .  it's an outfit.

A real cutie until she starts chasing the ducks back into the lake.  I can tell now that I will be rescuing her this winter as she falls through the thin ice on the lake.  I just hope that it is fairly near to shore as my rope is not getting any longer and I am getting weary of rescues.


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A passing thought: Winter

It is all around me
not like skin or air or quilt  . . .  more like music and thought and feeling
there in the air and in the wind
Can't put your finger on it because it is your finger
and the leaves and the small plants and the snakes and the grass and the life in the soil
reacting to a change,  slowing down for a respite back into the ground.
Me ----  I shall build a fire


Beach Bum said...

...this cat will chew your face off if provoked!

At my previous house my next door neighbors there had a cat that was let outside and went stark raving wild, if I can bend the original use of such a phrase.

Nothing was weird about that cat because I remember when they brought it home as a kitten. My neighbor's daughters loved it and were very kind and gentle. But when it was let outside it went so wild it stayed outside permanently to the point it only slept on the doorstep.

Now it never attacked their children, my son who was always over at their house, but any adult was fair game.

Nelson said...

Flying all the way just to see you and say hello...and wish you all the best for this new week. Great post! Visit me too. Good night, wonderful dreams…
Greeting for you from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Associates? They are family!

red dirt girl said...

Love seeing your 'associates' and agree with Cosmo - they are FAMILY!

Had a good laugh at the duck - bottoms up! I feel like that duck every day - haaaa!

good to see you posting!

Susannah said...

Wonderful, I loved seeing them all. Give them a hug from me. :-)

Really enjoyed "Winter" - really lovely writing!

red dirt girl said...

BTW: your thoughts on winter are quite poetic .... maybe the beginnings of a pantoum ???


Erik Donald France said...

And I shall gladly build a fire here in Texas once it gets wet and cold enough!

Cheers to the associates . . .

the walking man said...

Ho...In the camp, room enough by that fire?

iamnasra said...

Just thank you for always passing by me ...Great to see zippy ...we have one looks like that at home

..................... said...

I have two cats and one dog. I used to have a duck........a long long long long time ago.

This is foam, btw.

Jean said...

Found you through Foam's comments.
Am glad I did.

Bijoux said...

I am not a fan of winter, but I do like your verse on it!

goatman said...

Its not falling that keeps us courageous
It is smiling that behold us
Its not tears that speaks for our sadness
It is smiling beyond our pain and tears
Then comes the voice of anger on a double rages
It is smiling that hold us against our weakness
Thoughts of revenge submits
Within the spells of forgiveness
Yet the heart does not forget the trails
It can not help it but being cautious
But bravely smiling to uplift us
Parading true colours
Life is over-daring; one has to stand beating falls
We keep smiling to keep us simply courageous

Copyright 2011 Nasra Al Adawi

Marion said...

I loved meeting your family, Goatman, and the photo of the duck's behind is precious! I dog is not enough, and I wish we were settled enough to get another companion for Lucky.

I've always loved your poetry and I'm glad to see you are creating them again...xx

shooting star said...

cute dogs!!!....

and love the cat too!!

the duck shot....funny!!!

Adullamite said...

Love the cat!

icyhighs said...

Nice little ode, you should write more often.

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