Tuesday, February 07, 2012


At a distant time ago, maybe pre-Hadean I may have come --

hot rocketing in   in a rock knocked loose from a distant planet under a different sun
thermal-shock explosion from earth impact with swampy  liquid,  the fossil exposed
to be an organic molecule -- maybe many.  A seed.    A friend in the sea of possibilities.

Hence life as plants, animals, souls,  reproducing, dividing,  developing, changing, adapting over 4.7 billion years
blossomed , came and went, and experimented with the laws of life.

A tendency toward kinship develops  --- a feeling that we are one, joined to the past and each other somehow.

But I am not that special
It could have been you!


  1. Awesome post!

    It's a shame that we live in an age where most everyone wants to devolve back down to a tribal state of mind.

  2. This is FANTASTIC goatman! You rose to the challenge and then some!!

    I especially like A tendency toward kinship develops among life --- a feeling that we are one, joined to the past and each other somehow. with which you brilliantly follow up with a twist:But I am not that special
    It could have been you!

    I'm smiling.

  3. interesting thoughts!!!


  4. Beautiful :) Thanks for sharing

  5. The last but one image on your other blog seems to match this great post.

  6. Love the art - love the words better!! Especially that twist at the end ...

  7. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and feeling more enlightened about what life is. This feeling was induced most recently by reading that article in The Atlantic magazine about how bacteria can influence a mind. It got me thinking about how all of life is an interaction between all creatures great and small.

    ...and now there is an article in this weeks TIME about how animals buddy-up, too.

    Everything is evolving right in front of our eyes. Exciting!

  8. "I'm not that special". Its the calling card of my generation.

  9. It's hard to stand out as an artist when there are seven billion people on the planet and so there is a larger sample of people making art and doing photography.

    Icy is an interesting name. I've now had two synchronicities for this name. I'm reading a book called _Icy Sparks_ and just last week I learned my fiance's mother's aunt was named "Icy" and now you.

  10. An in-law named Icy. There's a joke in there somewhere but I'm out of sorts.
    Icy isn't really my name by the way. "Icy Highs" was supposed to be the name of a band we formed that never really took off. As in: we thought we could name the band, dream the dream, and then learn to play!

  11. I really loved ..in midst of nothing, come a light to strengthen ones path

    At time you just want someone to just tell you that the pits and falls are not bad falls and there is a way that climb to the light again ...Thank you

  12. "But I am not that special
    It could have been you!"


  13. Sage,
    You are free to take a copy if you wish.

  14. Love this! That last bit threw me a bit, haha! xx