Friday, September 14, 2012

Inner Beauty

I live in an old mans skin
there in the roots growing  beneath the surface
 in secret,   easy in the warm around
intertwined,  with the serpents'-  red eyes peering out      ever watching
safe in the fear of other
we mean no harm . . .
Venturing out once for solace but finding that protector is all--
each is all
I cannot help your belief comforting though is "other" and a better place.
More secure is settling into us all
giving up, conceding breathing
  To knowing and peace

Legend has it that  while Siddhartha Gautama  ( ~ 563 BC) was meditating, a fierce storm arose of which he of course was unaware.  The Naga (snake) Mucalinda rose up from beneath him  spread her  wide hood and protected him from the ravages.
Serpents are typically protectors (save for the Eden metaphor where the serpent was evil.)
In a dream,  snakes are said to represent the creative urge toward wisdom and is a neutral symbol -- for which it  is up to us to assign a slant.

This poem came of a dream I had where the serpents were there in the dark waters but posed no threat and seemed to be protectors;  if anything I felt secure.  I still don't know what to make of dreams and all I can tell of them are the feelings and reactions I have to them and the impressions left.
 Probably no archetypal significance whatsoever to most of them, just flashing brain releases at night.
  But you never know . . .


  1. This was a wonderful set of images, your choices gave me that sleepy sense/dream-state. A wonderful poem!

  2. I do love that misty tranquil.

    Love the poem, too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ooooo I love the opening line/imagery: I live in an old man's skin !!

    Snakes ?? EEK! I find them frightening and dangerous. Whenever I dream of them, I feel fear and anxiety.

    You are so right about the 'slant'


  4. A tale of lost fears as we age. I like that the serpents eyes are looking out--away from the protected. The next portion sounds like an acceptance of the belief of others. Not judgmental but just is.

  5. For me I get scarred of dreams ..I worry what it mans

  6. @ goatman,

    (1) You left a dead link on my blog. I fixed it after I found this site.
    You entered :
    Or perhaps your browser automatically entered it. Thought you'd like to know. Thanx for visiting!

    (2) Fascinating dream and consequential poem. Fun image. And I love the image of Naga used in India and here with Sid. The roots image with snake image were perfect together.

    (3) I did not get this line at all:
    "I cannot help your belief comforting though is "other" and a better place."

    It almost seemed like it had a typo. I know many consider it taboo to question a poets' meaning or choice of language, but I don't. Hope you don't.

  7. Mr. Lantz,
    Sorry about the link; I didn't enter it.
    The reference in the line was to "heaven".

    If one doesn't question, one can't know, is my motto.

  8. Very beautiful in art and word goatman : )
    How true is it that what we see in dreams is really about what we "felt" in them rather than what we saw.
    Interpretation is such an individual take on life,dreams, and death ?

  9. wonderful poem..and the image of buddha with the serpent!!

  10. I miss your poem, how expressive and creative they are. Mesmerizing lines... Love it!

  11. I have always been fascinated at how snakes perceive the world with their tongues... Nice poem and link to the Buddha's story.

  12. Its the willpower to change the image ...for snake some could think fear..and some would think an art..when i read the poem at first it did calm me down n now im thinking of sbake dance..snake can dance in india