Monday, November 12, 2012

Above or Below

A new view to view
summers stream from above, ripples in color
not quite in focus 
maybe from below to see it right -- 
reverse ripples brings it all clear now
I see the intent, the meaning, the truth
I am all knowing powerful and sagelike

but damn,  now I am all wet and soaky . . . 
(such is enlightenment)
Thanks Sage for having a camera when this happened.

~~~~~~I had to capture this quote for myself::
Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.”

~Voltaire ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A stream in motion  in Michigan.  How could oils replicate the swaggering color and change?

 I sometimes wonder what Jackson Pollack with a camera would look likeOr  Ansel Adams  with oils?


  1. It's kind of weighty to be all knowing, powerful and sage like eh? I agree --at least until you dry out.

  2. That's fabulous, GM...very nice, indeedy...both picture and verse!

  3. The fun ...It made fly in air with happiness..Thank you for showing me the other side of water ripples

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Goatman! ((Hugs)) to you and yours.

    Love the pic. Am pondering the words and what sort of space they would need in my life ...


  5. You really got caught up in the ripples. Good thing they let go of you so you could post about it. You asked about canning frozen apples. Yes but you have to canned immediately and mostly making apple sauce. I don't think it would work with pears as they go brown and very mushy when frozen. Apples can take a light freeze. I have never heard of autumn olive berry jelly. Sounds interesting.