Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I guess that you have been wondering why I have gathered you all here today:
Seems this blog , the oldest that I have done since 2006, is in need of revamping with a better layout and room for bigger graphics. So on it goes, still be here, but newness gone.

As for you cows, grow big, eat well, do not slouch,   and at about 1800 pounds you will be sold for near a dollar a pound "on your hooves" as they say and each then bring in about $1800, of course.   Is it any wonder that there are cows everywhere, even in the deserts' feeding off of burned cactus, here in the US?   We, or I mean you, must feed the fast food machine so that we too can grow big, fat, and sassy.

So I will leave you all here today to be espied upon by any lost soul happening along for some history (including myself).   MOO to you too


  1. I feel like a cow! Weight comes and goes. I hate it when it comes. Why oh WHY is it easier to gain than it is to lose?



  2. Damn just when i gave up red meat the price comes down!

  3. Moo hoo hoo ....!

    (cows crying)

  4. Goatman! You're back! Yay!

    I'm very scared of cows as it happens. Seriously. I cannot pass them in the farmers field. I don't like the way they look at you because I can't tell if they're angry or not bothered.
    Did you know that about 40 plus people are killed by cows every year over here. Wonder how many it is in your great big country?!

    Moo :)

  5. How is one killed by a cow, I wonder.

    But it is true, they do not care. Bulls are touchy sometimes though, I hear.

  6. I step in here today after having just completed a new post of my blog...and there, too...I make mention of cows!!!!

  7. I'm very rarely into red or any kind of meat. Mostly semi-vegan. It's hard for me to even gain weight. I just don't think about it and try and eat best I can, as poor as I am, not an easy thing to do. But I take the time to do better, than some do. Eating right is pretty time consuming. Take out and being on the "fast track" is whats killing us I think. What do you think?

    Every once in a great while I find myself eating a take out hamburger and my body talks to me and says "ugh, I feel sick".

    I've read time and time again about Scientific studies that sleep deprivation causes people to gain weight, when they don't even overeat. The more you regular good sleep the more that body burns calories so they said. It's interesting to think about, as I pretty much feel the need for about 10 hours of sleep or more for many years now. And that's what I do. And I do a bit of yoga and take walks and don't gain a pound. I don't do any aggressive exercise like I used to. I weigh less now than I ever have my whole life. I'm sure my health problems might have something to do with some of it, but not all. I take pretty good care of myself I have to, it's just me on my own.

    There's a an old Melanie song "Oh I don't eat animals cause I love them you see, no I don't eat animals, want nothing dead in me, cause I love animals and animals love me" The album cover is of Melanie kissing a cows face. I drew that pic way back when. I like cows, I used to be near a place that had cows and calves hanging out and I would go over to the fence and pet them. the calves seemed to like it. I like horse's to pet also. Horses are cool. Oh, I guess I just love animals you see!

    Hope your doing good goatman. Stay well now.



  8. I worried a little and then worry more and the fact life goes on.. I enjoy now the little mircale that come my way ...Thank God a bit today as I often forget that mircale are not brought by me... I love how you inspire me.. it seem a lot is going ..but all is like the Omani sunshine ..a lot of it now

  9. Wonder what I'd bring, on the hoof?


    So! Looking forward to great goatly things from you now...



  10. mOO right backatcha Gotman.