Saturday, January 11, 2014

Here and Now

Growing in the cold
temporary generation of expression
"here I am, see me!"  For  I'll be gone in a bit of time
but here now captured for your perusal
and consideration
Please be kind


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Truly beautiful. Reminds me of the 1981 winter I spent in Dundee.

the walking man said...

Peace be with you all the days of your life.

Pauline said...

being so short-lived seems only to accentuate the beauty

Juliette said...

Please be kind :)


Happy New Year my friend

Nasra AL Adawi said...

Im well ... Thank you for your knocks on my door.. I use a lot of instagram now days.. Let me know if you have one so I can follow you..

By the way I love your thoughts and love the words سلام

icyHighs said...

"I'll be gone in a bit of time..."

Can't come soon enough for me.

Here I Am Carrie said...

I love this designs on the windows. Had to come check on you now that I am back at the ranch and have internet again and see you have some new blogs. Love the solitude.

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