Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Time is in the Way

Exhale •

Going through it
The long duration of dark
The cold winter night
The silent day
When will I know my reason
When can I enter into peaceful solitude
Life is but a blink of the eye
A bat of the lash
If you want to know
I'm chasing the wind
And will soon be mown down
By the sharp blade
Come on spring
Make me new again
I set and wait for both


I wish I could attribute  the source of this 1 and 0 rendering, the magical woods, but no.  So much beauty presented in this vast digital world of possibility. .  But I appreciate the effort of whoever put finger to key for us to enjoy.


  1. A beautiful painting and an equally beautiful poem. Beauty surrounds us...we just have to keep our blinkers off so we can at all times appreciate it. :)

  2. The picture behind the painting is a busy world where every wonder could make one touch some peace.

  3. spring and light are just around the corner - thank you for sharing hope xxx

  4. You're right about digital art. There are a couple of digital art websites that could browse around for hours and not run out of things to see.

  5. Here's a test commet. See:!category-topic/blogger/K3tJp9EvsQQ

  6. There is always hope but time is sadly against us.

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  8. Is it possible that you are going through the very same mood I am in right now? Long, dark winter, life is like living in black plastic bag. Lots of ideas of what to write and nothing comes out. Poem was great pick and the digital painting illustrated it well. Waiting for the Spring to come very soon. Thanks for the poem and painting. Take care...:)

  9. Love the poem and such a fitting I stare at it my own words come to mind. Enchanted with mother Earth and her winged helpers. Spring speaks to my soul! Nice to meet you, your blog is interesting.

  10. Happy May Day
    I hope spring has sprung there!

    Such a nice poem & painting

  11. It is a new way to see this matter. It is interesting as well.

  12. I like reading here, even if I don't comment often. I hope you are okay...

  13. I love it ..I can appreciate the writer of this poem ..He or she gave such poetic art and wad selfless about his work ..At time we are so into ownership that we forget ..Our journey in it no matter how much we own we leave even our body behind