Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Big Al and Sprig

Don't know if the feathers out of sprig's head are genetic adaptations to a smooth profile or not. Perhaps just an effort to add variety to the species!


  1. Sprig needs to comb her hair.
    Do you live in this duck-filled paradise Goatman?
    And why "Goatman," by the way?

  2. Aha, now I get why she's called 'Sprig'... ehm, but why's 'Big Al' named so?

  3. Dear Goatman

    I look the new york times travel section, But I couldn't see the picture. But I wonder,too. If you give me link I will be happy :)
    I found a cite about Kanyon ( Wonderfull and big project. I rewiewed it.I want that you visit this cite but its new cite so It hasn't english page yet. but you can see the picture :)

    take care

  4. Interesting thought Goatman, the genetic thing about Sprig. The ducks are looking great.

  5. Hi Goatman!
    Great pics and ducks!
    Best to you!

  6. maybe she's having a bad hair day
    (happens to me all the time :))
    nice pics!

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  8. Love the pictures!
    Very nice!


  9. i love the messy hair look LOL

  10. Hi:)
    Sweet little ducks:)
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  11. Dear Goatman

    You said that your vocabulary are interesting, When I started to learn your language I said same thinks It s an interesting, But My speaking is bad :) But If the person wants to learn He can learn :)) So You can learn Turkish:))

    Yes Kanyon pictures are interesting :)

    Take care

  12. I was looking at blogs of those that commented at what I like to call Things I Found In The Blogosphere. Thanks for stopping by. I think I'll have to stop back, you have some definite treasure here. Might a link exchange be in order?

  13. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving the kind comment.

    I'll be back to read more.