Monday, December 04, 2006


Marker trees maybe used by indians to find their way through the forest. They don't point in a particular compass direction, but rather may indicate the way to an encampment or shelter. These are in central Missouri US , but apparently are evident in Canada as gleaned from the following:

"Those who went ahead
of us in the forest
bent the early trees
so that they grew to signals;

the trail was not among the trees but
the trees

and there are some who have dreams
of birds flying in the shapes
of letters; the sky's
and dream also
the significance of numbers (count
petals of certain flowers)"

Excerped from "Paths and Thingscape" by Margaret Atwood (a Canadian author)


  1. Hi. That's interesting about the marker trees, something I never realized. I may have seen one once upon a time. Thank's for visiting today. I enjoy learning new things. Gives me ideas!

  2. PS -- I forgot to mention. I've been looking for The Seven Pillars and is John Bell the same John Bell from Oklahoma? I went to school with a John Bell who was an extraordinary guitarist.

  3. Wow. Great post - love the photo - love that tree, and I adore Margaret Atwood. Thanks for coming to my blog! Oh and the duck photos are marvelous.

  4. Love the trees, Goatman. There is one I keep meaning to photograph, if I can get the angle right. It's almost in the middle of the city - not as strangely curved as these, but I see in it - very clearly - the shape of a woman, torso and hips, like a greek statue...
    I'm afraid that if I shoot a picture, it will be like the Face of Mary Found In one will see it but me.
    Thanks for the photos and the concept.

  5. What a great way thru the forrest!
    ' ]

  6. A really interesting post and great photos

  7. She has an affinity with trees ... she believes they hold spirits.
    lovely photographs and post. Love hearing stories of the Indians and their way of life.
    hugs ... peace and joy......
    Merry Cristmas to you .

  8. That's very interesting, Goatman - love the idea that trees are deliberately bent to mark the way... Good pic too!

  9. goatman,
    Wow, wonderful photos, and beautiful excerpt. I had never heard of these trees before.

    Wishing you a happy, healthy new year filled with peace, joy and Love.

  10. really interesting(and exciting)!
    the trail was not among the trees but
    the trees
    how clever is that ?!
    i can understand the bending the plants part..but the rest of it..wonder how they did that?!

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