Thursday, July 17, 2008

Building the New

I wondered what was becoming of all the petrodollars we are so willingly contributing as we encase ourselves in two tons of steel and glass to pick up those consumer goods and move about. . . buildings in the desert!!
This is just one being built in Dubai (on the Persian Gulf) and has rotating floors each containing 12 modules (suites). There will be 80 floors, the top 10 of which will be villas with parking for your car on that floor; a retracting heliport exists in case you need to fly into your abode. The structure will be energy self sufficient with solar panels and wind turbines between floors to provide electric on a "third rail" system to each rotating floor. Efficient plumbing and electrical connections seem iffy to me but will no doubt be worked out during construction along with many other unforseen problems, I suspect.
Design is by David Fisher's Dynamic Architecture firm in Florence, Italy as he contributes to the city of Dubai known as the "playpen for architects" because of the extreme designs being offered by architects from around the world. Each room (suite) is constructed elsewhere as a finished module to be attached at the tower during assembly.
A better description: Is here

Wind turbines for power
(replacing a bearing will be fun!)

This looks like a module graphically being lifted into place.

I would like to believe that great advances in medicine, agriculture, contributions to art literature and learning are in the offing but it is sparse finding so far!


  1. I am totally fascinated by the ingenuity of this structure yet saddened to think such fantastic creativity is not put to a better use as in how to feed the poor of this world, how to teach love for one another etc etc.

  2. you know, these things make me wonder what those civilisations that may find the ruins of these structures will think about our existence... will they be equally nutty?

  3. I find every photo I see of Dubai (and the fake islands nearby) to be depressing. I watched a documentary and found that to be depressing. It's supposed to be exciting I guess.

  4. I love the creativity. A building in motion, hmm, sounds cool, but pricey! ;)

  5. Good luck with that!

    Both this idea of futuristic construction and living, but also the idea of finding somebody caring for humans.

    Anything over three stories is, to me, insane, and you can only guess the future from more.

    Great post Goatman, truly had to be said.

  6. Polona took the words out of my keyboard. What will they make of us in a couple of thousands years?

  7. sorry, i missed your subsequent comments on my 'country road' photo.
    feel free to use it if you wish :)

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  9. 80 floors.. gosh .. there is hardly any building above 8 floors my neighborhood . .and I prefer it this way .. all that height and hi-fi stuff gives me jitters.. I can't even look down if I am on top of that building .. but its fascinating all the same.. reading about all this..

    what you say in the last para strikes a chord .. the ones who are flourishing .. keep spreading and the ones who suffer .. continue to shrink .. this is the irony of living ..

  10. The amazing depth of human creativity is startling and amazingly inspiring. I suppose art can take many forms. Like the conversation occurring in your comments, I am both fascinated by the capacity of human beings to keep going bigger, bolder, higher, and more creative with their structures, and at the same time also makes me pause to wonder about priorities.

    I have to kind of laugh about the idea of what future generations will think of us. They will probably look back with some amount of respect, and some amount of laughter, as we do for our ancestors...and think in their own time they are so much more advanced than we ever were, blind to the log in their own eye as we are in ours.

  11. That is so true neat building and yet at what cost.

  12. A playground for Architects?!??

    Much as I appreciate their creativity and genius...would it not be put to better use by designing proper homes for the people who don't have one?

    But I guess there would be little money in that.

  13. i've been at KL Tower having dinner at the rotating restaurant and i was like .. whoaaaa

    the rotating sound is a bit scary so imagine every floor that will rotate ... sure thrilling.

    sure a breakthrough in building architecture ... and costly just to get the thrill out of it ... geeezzzzzz

  14. i know what you are saying and yet i feel it should not be compared, architecture and the quality of life. we owe it to ourselves to always grow and advance, and to create wondrous structures should not be at the expense of other more important things, but it should not be abhorred either. i would expect to see more and more glorious architecture as we advance in this century of space age creations. I mean, isn't that the excitement of living in this time? (I'd reasoned this out after a long period of being annoyed at missing out the 60s lol)

  15. Hi Goatman,
    What a building! and yes I should imagine there will be a lot of unforseen problems, how much is this actually costing?, I bet an obscene amount of money that could be used on something more worth while and something that many more people could benefit from.
    Great post ;-D

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  17. yeah. it would be interesting to see what happens when it is finished. i like your ahmed analogy lol.

  18. It takes much money and intelligence to build this new.

    Human never stopped to innovate and invent.More fascinating work.

    More great post from you. ;)

  19. I think we humans need to learn how to live closer to the earth instead of building things on it all the time and help one another more.

    Its good to see you too! :)

  20. Hi friend. Great to see you again. I commented on the meaning of 'Taarof'. Hope it helps.

    I have been a bit slow on the blogging road; but I always appreciate your visit and comments; which make me think or say something useful :)

  21. Been awhile, here Im just near Dubai and Im not keeping up with such news .. Im wondering how far all this will take us


  22. Oh my goodness, is that for real?

    I would get dizzy with the rotating bit LOL

    Where on earth do you find these amazing posts.....

    Nope Im not all singing and dancing on me bionic knee :) lets just say....... when poop happens it happens to me by the lorry load LOL

    hope you well.........