Sunday, August 17, 2008

Over There

A road to the mountains over there . . .

Kept from the garden for being self -- once one, now each
off to seek a god

A place high above the ridges to see bright ice cut by sharp-black arete

Patterns shifting like stormy rain on quiet water

Fore to front, front to fore -- pulsing
Not words exactly but a message

Black to white, void to life, time and now


An easy koan

Thanks Polona for the wonderful


  1. yes

    a beautiful photo and a nice somewhat spiritual searching poem

  2. your words are a wonderful meditation on my photo... thanks :)

  3. Polona has a couple photos of those mountains - they are incredibly beautiful. Your words are a wonderful complement to the photo.

  4. this is lovely.. the picture is divine.. and the words match .. the last few lines would linger in my mind for some time.

  5. Lovely combination of photo and words for mind and heart.

  6. Looks like in Europe somewhere. Nice photo and words.

  7. Just seeing it makes me feel more rested.

  8. oh yes, words and photo blend together.

    you're really good with poems GOATMAN. ;0)

    you have a great day! ;)

  9. "pattersn shifting like stormy rain on quiet water"..beautiful!..



  10. Wow, refreshing. There are more than one enjoyment and you have caught multiple in short form.

  11. "not words exactly but a message"

    this is lovely

  12. I add my thanks for your lovely words accompanied by a lovely photo generously shared.

    I found myself stopping at the words, "black to white, void to life, time and now", words have a way of meeting us in places at particular times and in particular ways that seem especially meaningful in a significantly personal way. These words meet me there today. Thank you for them.

  13. beautiful photo and great words to go with the photo :)

  14. Hello Goatman, indeed!, you are very good with poems, and this a super fine one and illustrated so masterfully, really a fine koan Goatman, the meanings weave many layers deep and flow like water itself. You said easy?, Wow indeed!

    I am not really surprised tho, you've done it before a few times I know!

    You are cool Goatman.

    I never got my boy in raq, still waiting.

    My best to you and yours.

  15. I LOVE this photo and your words are wonderful.... fanks :)


  16. "Not words exactly but a message"...perfect.

    The photo shows landscape very similar to the country around is so beautiful.

    You're not surprising me anymore, Goatman...consistently you are writing very good poetry. I envy you your ability!

  17. Nice effective words for a beauty picture. I want to take that road to the mountain!

    Hope you had a good summer....autumn will be "brisking" in soon!

  18. Dear goatman on pretty moonbeams,

    from the mountain
    over there

    from the garden
    for being the self'.....

    how beautiful it is!! can feel tremendous in your words!

    thankyou for the trip!


    nb: nice to know you....

  19. I love the mountains and you wrote a very spiritual and calm poem. thank you for dropped by my blog :)

  20. I had to google Biffy as I've never heard of it either! Makes sense now why someone from Minnesota would use it.

    bif·fy (bf) also biff (bf)
    n. pl. bif·fies also biffs Upper Midwest
    1. An outdoor toilet; an outhouse.
    2. An indoor toilet.


    [Perhaps alteration of privy.]

  21. amazing how different lines in a poem 'read and touch' different people - we all bring our own essence to the work and 'add' to it, in a certain sense. So, first, I must thank you for allowing me to participate in your art - for art indeed it is.

    My two lines?

    Kept from the garden for being self... absolutely fantastic allusion and interpretation of that first lost garden (well, at least that is my 'view' of the line)

    An easy koan oh I LOVE this line as an ending ... it makes one, forces one to go back and re-read the poem all over again ... to catch the koan if you missed it.

    quite sophisticated writing, goatman! lovely images spaced in between.

    any 'comments' from my side would be to trim back some of the lines; streamline it. It is what my poet / critic always told me when he would edit my work.

    quite lovely. well done. well done!


  22. what a great photo; very inviting. it would be like driving inside a postcard i think!