Monday, October 11, 2010

One of All

I have always liked this shot:  water snake free in his element and duck seeming to take on a "trust but verify" posture.  Must be ever vigilant.

Our flock of eight ducks now, only two of four were left after last winter; we had to get six more to expand the flock.  The white ones are Pekins and the darker ones are Mallard domesticates named Ruens. Others are cross-breeds, maybe the solution to getting along.
You will not see any of this flock more than ten feet or so from any other member of the bunch.  Safety in numbers as long as a member can squack and warn in case of danger  (and it is a specific squack.)  Drift out too far from the group and danger lurks-- may be coyote or coon food.  It has happened.

Interesting how they of different breeds get along; even if it is only for self protection.,   Perhaps we as humans need a common enemy to get along with each other.  The "my God is better than your god" attitude of the clergys is getting tedious and is surely not helpful  to a good end.  But what enemy?  If the antibiotics eventually fail to protect us from disease how do we help there -- I have few test tubes and would need to depend upon the existing medical setup.
We need an enemy which we can all fight against; the lowliest and least mobile and those needing help being recognized but can think in ways helpful if listened to are all part of the communal effort .
It was clear in the past: donate your steel pots, gas rationing, donate material, rubber, anything which could build war machines and defeat a clearly deviant enemy.  Pitch in! " Howdy neighbor, let me help you with that load! "  We are all in this together.  God (god) must have sat in the background and  flinched at the scene, but common-enemy joined us together in life and victory, although the millions in the ground may disagree -- could they speak.
The enemy is hatred, fear,  and ignorance.
So we must stick together, be kind and understanding to each other, help if possible the others in need and build bridges to be used when a belief is far away. 
It is the only future that I would like to live into.


  1. Yes humans can learn a lot from other species in this universe.. the kind of future you wish to live in seems a remote possibility but I too wish and pray for that..
    Your ducks are lovely .. :) pretty picture..

  2. Beautiful pictures....I'm a little frightened of the water snake :-)

  3. "The enemy is hatred, fear, and ignorance." I completely agree. Your dream is the only future that will work, in my mind. And I believe we are transitioning very quickly towards it.

    I love the photo of the duck and the snake. A great shot!

    You live in such a pretty, serene setting, even with the predators about. Your home must offer great solace to you during this unbelievably difficult time.

    I am thinking of you and your family and sending healing energy...

  4. "The enemy is hatred, fear, and ignorance.
    So we must stick together, be kind and understanding to each other, help if possible the others in need and build bridges to be used when a belief is far away."

    imagine the world if everyone thinks like this...that's the place i want to live!

    nice post Goatman!

  5. A great post Goatman,

    yes, mixture seems to be a relevant solution. But, my friend, your dream
    is not a dream - it is a plan!
    our only way to the future is through cooperation and sharing.

    (( hug ))

  6. there are enough things - poverty, hunger, hatred - you'd think we could get together against those, wouldn't you?

    how great to have your own flock of ducks!

  7. having my own farmhouse with a bunch of ducks, hens and goats is a fervent wish of mine...and am envious of you!!!

  8. Its been awhile ..I have not heard the sens eof what we are in in this world but your words is rational amd makes a lot of sense to what we are in right now..Thank you for taking us there

    Nasra Al Adawi

  9. You said it all Goatman and isn't it true it starts right in our own backyard...
    Here we live in harmony with all living things be it the noisy but ever so necessary tree that shades the tin roof on a hot summer's day, the next door neighbor who needs to borrow the baler because his broke down during harvest, to the little skunk who on the rarest of occasions stops me from walking the same path between houses for indeed she does rule the roost.
    When the cow's coat of hair becomes extra thick, indicating a cold winter, then too do we pay attention and prepare for such an event mentioning such to any neighbor so he too may prepare. Should the gopher decide tomatoes are his favorite then I learn to plant in raised beds with a few below so that he may have a little food while I have a winter's supply to be shared with family and neighbor alike.
    Like you, this is the only future I can/will live in.